Five Borough Bucket List

San FranciscoI love to travel, but I can never find anyone to go places with me. For my first time in San Francisco, I wanted to do as much exploring as possible, without overspending.
Snacks on Delta flightAfter my 3-hour layover in Atlanta, I finally got on the plane to San Francisco! Typically I stick with JetBlue, but when I booked my flight on Expedia, Delta was the cheapest option. Fortunately, I got a cookie for my troubles.
img-4191_orig.jpgI was pleasantly surprised. Delta had snacks, TVs, and a ton of FREE movies. After watching Star Wars and a few episodes of It’s Always Sunny, we were finally starting to descend into San Francisco. The pilot announced that if we looked out the left side of the plane, we might see another plane landing directly next to us. Not that that’s concerning or anything…
BART maps
The first thing on the agenda was finding a way to get to my hotel. I was staying at the King George Hotel near the Financial District, so I had to take the BART to get there. I was a little ashamed as a native New Yorker that I was so confused about another subway system, but I (eventually) figured it out.
Caramel macchiato from Peet's Coffee
After checking into the hotel (early, thanks guys!), I went out to explore. I got a caramel macchiato from Peet’s Coffee.
Bay Bridge on a sunny dayI prefer to explore a city by walking around to find things. After wandering around for a bit, I walked right into the Bay Bridge! There was a park right next to it that reminded me of the area near the Brooklyn Bridge. I did some people watching before I decided to walk along the Embarcadero to find some food.
Boats in San Franciscofullsizerender-9_3_orig.jpgTurtle statue in San Franciscofullsizerender-15_orig.jpg
Down by Fisherman’s Wharf I finally found it! This east coaster finally made it to In-N-Out. While I typically would never eat fast food on a trip to a new city, I felt like the situation called for it.
Animal style burger and friesI ordered a cheeseburger and fries, both animal style. The burger was awesome, but the fries were a little….eh. I know, blasphemy. I think all the years of buildup for In-N-Out made me think the meal would be a little more special.
The sun was starting to set, so I started to make my way back to the hotel. San Francisco is…all…hills. I walked through Chinatown and went through Union Square before I got to my hotel. Of course, by then, it was only 7:30. That whole west coast time thing was already in full force.
Bartlett Hall outdoor signageI’ll be honest with you. I don’t mind traveling alone. But when it’s nighttime, I feel awkward and lame going to a bar by myself. Of course, I also feel lame as hell staying in the hotel and watching television. Bartlett Hall was a 2-minute walk from my hotel, so I went there for an after-dinner drink.
Bartlett Hall beer menu
Bartlett serves up some tasty looking food, and they also make their own beers. It was a nice-looking place, but since I had already eaten, I decided to stick with just a drink.
Chocolate Waterfall Porter at Bartlett HallI ordered the Chocolate Waterfall Porter, and it was amazing. I usually hate heavy beers, but this one was really tasty. While I was at the bar, I got to talking to a guy from Sacramento. He gave me a full list of places that I had ​to go to, so I made a note of all of them for my day of exploring. More on that…later.

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