Five Borough Bucket List

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-5-08-39-pm.pngMy to-do list in San Francisco included a lot of random sights. After I left the Golden Gate Bridge, I figured that I would check out Lombard Street on my way to Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch. At this point, I started grumbling each time I saw a hill.
img-4368.jpgLombard Street is famous for being “the most crooked street in the world.” They actually built it this way because the street is so steep, and the designers wanted to offset how insane this hill would be for cars. In this section, there’s eight hairpin turns. Just walking to it required a hike up what felt like a 60% incline. I walked (okay, ran) back down it and went over to Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch.
screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-5-03-14-pm.pngLunch was one of the few meals where I knew exactly what to get. I’ve heard that San Fran is known for its sourdough bread, so I went to Boudin to get clam chowder in a bread bowl. It was really tasty, but I was so overheated from walking (at this point, 13 miles) that all I wanted was to sit in the AC for a few hours. The bowl and soup were pretty bomb, though.
img-4374.jpgI walked up the Embarcadero a little and made my way into the Ferry Building. There were so many little vendors set up!
img-4373.jpgI really wanted to stop here and get ice cream (Harvey Milk and Honey Graham!), but there was a long line, and I had other places I still wanted to check out. Next time…
img-4377.jpgMy friend Chris told me to check out 21st Amendment Brewery while I was in town. They were doing a special cross promotion with one of the other breweries, so I ordered one of the specialty beers.
img-4379.jpgMy beer! Sweet and fruity, just how I like it!
img-4385.jpgThe tap list. Does anyone else love just looking at the names of different craft beers?
img-4378.jpgWhile I was sitting at the bar (something I was proud to break out of my comfort zone and do more often on this trip), I also ordered a cup of the Brew Free! or Die Chili, which is made with their IPA. It was delicious.
img-4388.jpgAfter walking back to my hotel (at about 18 miles for the day at this point), I took the (uphill) walk to the Cable Car Museum. This is a free museum that lets you look at the history and science behind San Fran’s famous cable cars.
img-4389.jpgIt was cool to see everything, but I didn’t think the museum was that much of a “must see!” I did like seeing the underground power source for the cable cars.
img-4422.jpgFor my last dinner in the city, I headed to Yelp. Originally my plan was to find sushi (a coworker mentioned San Fran has the best sushi she ever had, but she didn’t remember the place…), but I found this place called “Tacorea” on Yelp and when I realized it was only 1/2 mile from my hotel, I had to go.
img-4424.jpgI got the California burrito without salsa, and it was amazing. Here in Jacksonville we have a food truck called “Sweeto Burrito” that also adds tator tots to some of their burritos, and it was a really good touch. This place was CRAZY busy, so I had to wait a few minutes till a table opened up, but it was worth it.
img-4427.jpgAfter logging 22 miles for the day, I thought I deserved an ice cream.
img-4434.jpgI got up (at 6:00 AM…) with a 12:30 flight, so I knew I only had enough time to grab breakfast. The first place I found online…I couldn’t find in person. Since I was hungry and just wanted to eat, I went back to Mazarine for their fig and ricotta toast, plus a latte. I checked out of the hotel and hopped on the BART back to the airport…for Vegas!

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