Five Borough Bucket List

#FiveBoroughBucketList #29: See a Broadway Show

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Chicago Ambassador signI know. Broadway. Such a touristy thing to do in New York City. Except, going to see a show on Broadway is kind of the thing to do in New York City. There’s a show for every taste. Musicals and plays abound both on and off Broadway, and it’s a shame that so many people live here and don’t take advantage of it. I’ve seen shows in other cities and, while they’ve been great, there’s just something about the Great White Way.
Chicago starring Mel B signOkay, cheesiness over. It’s Broadway Week! You see, the thing about finding things to do in NYC is that there’s plenty to do…for a price. So many of the “must-see” and “must-do” things cost a pretty penny. While I want to see and do it all, I also want to afford my rent. That’s where things like Broadway Week come in handy – tickets to select shows are on BOGO. With a little convincing (AKA a text asking her), I convinced my friend Melissa to join me for a show. We went with Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre.

Broadway shows sometimes have celebrities join the cast for a limited run. We didn’t realize until we got there that Mel B (Scary Spice for my fellow 90s kids) was starring in Chicago for a few more weeks!
img-7195_orig.jpgChicago originally opened on Broadway back in 1975, and it closed in 1977. But revivals are always in, so it re-opened back in 1996, and it has been on Broadway ever since. Today, Chicago plays at the Ambassador Theatre, which opened way back in 1921. I took a few minutes before the show to walk around the theatre. Because it’s such an old theatre, it has that quintessential Broadway “look” to it, complete with posters from some of the older performances.
Chicago playbill and ticket
I won’t spoil it for you, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to take pictures or video (illegal) during the performance, but the show was pretty good. I think I was spoiled by the movie, but Broadway is always impressive. Mel B was perfect in the role as Roxie, and I always get inspired by all of the performers on stage. My only regret is that I didn’t take advantage of Broadway week earlier, since there are so many other shows I want to check out!

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