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#FiveBoroughBucketList #116: Walk around Manhattan

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You could spend all day walking around New York City and not even skim the surface of all that there is to do and see. For urban explorers like myself, New York is a dreamland. My parents used to take the LIRR into the city and spend the day walking around the Village before grabbing dinner somewhere. Maybe this inspired me to do the same. Either way, walking around New York is one of my favorite things to do, and I took advantage of the weather to take my first journey.
To be honest, I didn’t have much planned. I knew there was a restaurant in Brooklyn that I wanted to check out, but other than that I was pretty much up for doing anything. I took the subway downtown and decided to go to Washington Square Park before letting other things find me.
Spring is here!
One of my favorite sights in the city!
I definitely wasn’t the only one with the idea of exploring the city. Washington Square Park was packed with people, including this statue performer guy!
I decided to make my way to Brooklyn for lunch, so I went looking around for a subway. I’ve always loved how subway signs look – there’s just something really cool about knowing you can just hop on a train and be in another little world in just a few minutes. In this case, that little world was Brooklyn.
The R wasn’t running to the subway stop I needed, so I got out near the Barclay’s Center and walked the half mile to the restaurant. I’ve seen Burgrito’s posted all over social media for a while because of their “burgerito,” so naturally I had to try it.
I’m always pretty leery of any social media hotspots, since they rarely live up to the hype. I was really hopeful that this place wouldn’t be a huge disaster. The burgerito is a burger-burrito hybrid. One of my favorite food trucks (Sweeto Burrito) in Jacksonville had the same concept, so I wanted to see if it measured up.
I was ready! (Who is “Jen?”)
It was ah-mazing. Burger, sauce, french fries in a burrito. It tasted just like the burrito from Sweeto, so my trip was well worth it. 
It had started drizzling while I was eating, but I still wanted to look around Brooklyn. Forest Hills is way more suburban than any other part of the city, so I always love the chance to see the city.
I tried to map out some potential spots while I was eating, and one of the places I decided to go was to see the Wall Street bull and the Brave Girl statues. When I got off the subway, I found Bowling Green, which I had never been to before. I still get a kick over how tiny different parks in the city are – space is definitely at a premium!
I think more than a few people had the same idea as I did.
I definitely want to come back to visit when there’s a few less people. 
I ended my little exploration at the Brooklyn Bridge! I went to the bridge during a trip back in October, but this time I went on the Manhattan side. Since it was starting to rain, I decided to call it a day. 
Even though it was raining out, the bridge was packed! It’s a great spot for photos, so I highly recommend it during your next trip to the city.
Before heading home, I grabbed a few shots of some of the buildings downtown and by the courthouses. 

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