Five Borough Bucket List
When you grow up in Nassau County, Jones Beach is pretty much your beach of choice. There’s other beaches along the south shore of Long Island, but Jones Beach is easily the most popular one. I grew up in Wantagh, so the beach was just a quick drive down the Wantagh State Parkway, or a decent bike ride along the parkway path. 
I had tickets to see Third Eye Blind at the Jones Beach Theatre, so I decided to spend a few hours at the beach getting a tan and wandering around the boardwalk. The last time I was at Jones Beach was before Hurricane Sandy hit, so it had been a little while.
I always get super nostalgic going anywhere on Long Island. I used to come to walk the boardwalk with my dad when I was little, and I always loved to see the water tower (or as I called it, the “big dummy”) when we drove down to the beach. 
It had rained that morning, but it ended up being a really nice day, but the beach was kind of empty. I wasn’t exactly begging for crowds to show up, but it was just strange to me. Maybe all the wind scared them off?
After a few hours soaking up the sun (and roasting like a chicken), I went to the food area for some boardwalk fries. There’s something about beach food that just makes it taste better. It must be all the salt in the air 😉
When I was little, I always wanted to get ice cream on the boardwalk. My dad said I would make a mess, so I was never allowed to get it. This time, I ordered a cone…and proceeded to spill it all over myself. I guess my dad really was right about everything…
I spent the rest of the day before the concert walking up and down the boardwalk and taking pictures. My friend Cody down in Jacksonville thought it was cool that Jones Beach is a state park – people don’t live across the street like they do in Jax Beach. 

The Atlantic


Mini golf!


The bandshell. I saw my first live music performance here when I was little.

After wandering around (and getting more color), it was time to head to the Theater for Third Eye Blind! But, that’s a story for another tim

Questions for you!

  • Have you ever been to Jones Beach?
  • Favorite boardwalk food?
  • What spots make you feel nostalgic?

One Reply to “A Day at Jones Beach”

  1. What great pictures and memories you shared…..when I was in college I only sent there once.😯…sad to say…xxxx♥️


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