Five Borough Bucket List

A Brooklyn Bridge Evening

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Way back when, when I was trying to decide whether to do this whole “move to New York” thing, my mind was made up for me during a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge. There’s a reason that DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and the Brooklyn Bridge are such huge tourist spots. There’s something about this area that’s just inspiring. Maybe it’s the view of the New York City skyline, or maybe it’s seeing one of the cit’s most famous landmarks. Whatever the reason, it had been a long time coming for me to make my way down here again.
Getting down to DUMBO is really, really easy. After having drinks with some coworkers after work, I hopped the A train and got to DUMBO in 15 minutes. It’s a short walk from the subway to the bridge.


Oh, hello!

I treated myself to Shake Shack for dinner. DUMBO has a bunch of food places (careful, many are cash only!), but I wanted something I could bring over to eat on the water. On my next visit I want to check out one of the pizza places, as I’ve been told that Juliana’s has the best egg cream in the city.
Deliciousness ahead!
I got a single burger (extra shack sauce) and cheese fries! I’m a firm believer in treating myself, especially now that marathon training has me running (estimated) 9,000 miles.  
The skyline is one of my favorite views in the city!


I had my burger and fries, and then walked up and down the path along the river while the sun started to set. Of course, it was more like, “as the clouds rolled in.”

One thing I love about DUMBO is how you can spend a while walking around, and you still have the beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan. I wish that I had known about this area (or at least been allowed to travel around) when I was younger – seeing the twin towers from here must have been so amazing!
My honest intention was to walk across the bridge, then take one of the Manhattan subways back to Queens. Unfortunately, I think I have some kind of a curse with Mother Nature. The last time I tried to walk over the bridge, the rain started. This time, as soon as I started my walk over, the skies opened up and it poured. My umbrella didn’t do much to protect me, so I got back to the subway completely drenched, and still without ever crossing over. Next time, I’ll try to look at a weather forecast before I go to DUMBO.

Questions for you!

  • What is your favorite spot in the city?
  • Have you ever walked over the Brooklyn Bridge?
  • Do you…know what an egg cream is?

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