Five Borough Bucket List

#FiveBoroughBucketList #18: Catch a Yankees Game

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p700.pngThe New York Yankees. The Bronx Bombers. The Pinstripers. The Evil Empire. Whatever you call them, the baseball team up in the Bronx is easily the most notable franchise in sports. They’ve won the World Series 27 times, they’ve been featured in everything from rap songs to movies, and the blue Yankees cap can be found everywhere around the world. It should come as no surprise then, that I have never been to a Yankees game before.
p701.pngTo be fair, I grew up not caring about baseball (or any sport) at all. My dad loved the Mets, my brother the Yankees, and my friends could not care less. Baseball on television (with the exception of the World Series, because come on) is miserably boring, so I never had an interest in going to a game. Plus, I would have had to go all the way up to the Bronx (alone), and what 12 year old kid wants to do that? The most “baseball” experience I’ve had has been going to minor league games down in Jacksonville.
p702.pngWhen my friend Marissa (a devoted, life-long Yankees fan) heard I’ve never been to a game, she wasn’t about to stand for it. We got tickets to see the Yankees play the Detroit Tigers. She was excited because the Yankees are in first place. I was excited to see Yankee Stadium and eat the food.
p703.pngThe new Yankee Stadium opened in 2009. Back when I worked radio promotions, we held an event there so I got to see the inside. But, I mean, food vendors weren’t open, and nothing was happening on the field, so I don’t think that counts as “going” to the stadium. Our seats gave us a perfect view of all the action, plus a perfect view for photos.
p704.pngAnyway, the food. Yankee Stadium has about 500 (estimated) vendors, with stuff like BBQ, pizza, Chinese, and ice cream. The prices are pretty much what you would expect stadium prices to be, so make sure you come with money if you go to a game. I went with the garlic fries, plus cheese because #treatyoself. They were incredible.
p705.pngBaseball in person is a lot more fun that it is on television. It’s kind of the opposite of football, because there aren’t 6,000 timeouts. It helped that there were plenty of runs scored, so we didn’t have to sit there watching a 0-0 game for 9 innings. Whenever the Yankees scored, they played music, people chanted, and it became a really fun atmosphere. I wasn’t expecting anything less, but it was still cool to experience.
p706.pngNaturally, I got ice cream in a little Yankees cap. Unfortunately, my dog doesn’t want to wear the cap.
p707.pngThe game was really fun, and I would absolutely go back for another one. The Yankees pulled out a win, and we all got to go home happy. My only gripe was that the subway back turned into a super local train, and since I’m a 94 year old grandmother, I didn’t get to go to sleep till crazy late. The next game will be a weekend one for sure!

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