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#FiveBoroughBucketList #116: Walk Around Manhattan for a Day (Part 3)

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p797.pngWalking around New York City has long been one of my favorite things to do. Now that summer is winding down, I’m in a rush to do it as much as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall temperatures, and I have a bunch of upcoming trips, but I live for summertime. Before the temperatures drop and I hide under 35 hoodies, I want to do as many things as I possibly can outdoors.
p767.pngI really wanted to go to the beach, but the clouds came rolling in and I knew it wouldn’t be a day for tanning. Instead, I decided to just take the subway into the city and see where I ended up. I got off at 14th Street and wandered around.
p766.pngI ended up finding The Strand bookstore! You can read more about that place in my Bucket List post.
p765.pngWhen my friends Cody and Tracy came to town, we did some exploring in the Villages and Central Park. I wanted to focus more on the Lower East Side this time around, so I just kept walking.
p764.pngI love the street art all over the city.
p763.pngI also made a new cat friend. I don’t think Cookie would have approved of it as another roommate though…
p855.pngBefore I got to Chinatown, I stumbled on Soft Swerve, another ice cream spot on my list. There was no line, so I popped in to see what all the fuss was about.
p857.pngAlmond cookie ice cream in a chocolate cone! More on this place here!
p760.pngMy original plan was to find Alphabet City, so that I could take some pictures of where RENT was set to show Cody, since we’re both fans of the musical/movie. Somehow, I ended up next to the Williamsburg Bridge.
p759.pngI couldn’t not try to cross the bridge.
p758.pngThe Williamsburg Bridge opened back in 1903. It’s probably the city’s most “urban” bridge, since so much of it is covered in graffiti. It definitely felt like I was walking through a part of Old New York.
p757.pngIt wasn’t beach weather, but there was still a group of people out walking the bridge. The Williamsburg Bridge is very popular with cyclists, walkers, and runners because it doesn’t have the same insane crowds that the Brooklyn Bridge does. It’s way easier to cross a bridge when you aren’t shuffling between a million other people.
p756.pngIn between the sides of the bridge are a set of subway tracks. A few trains passed through while I was walking around and taking pictures.
p755.pngThe Williamsburg Bridge connects Manhattan with Brooklyn. After walking over, back to Manhattan I went…
p754.pngFinally found Avenue A!
p753.pngI know many people hate the sight of graffiti, but I think it’s really cool looking.
p752.pngA rare $.99 pizza joint. I was still full from ice cream, so I didn’t stop in.
p751.pngMore street art!
p750.pngMetal flowers outside of a restaurant on Avenue A.
p749.pngI got plenty of pictures to send to Cody. I think it’s really amazing how there are so many different sections in Manhattan. When you think about how small the island is (22.8 square miles), it’s crazy how there is so much culture to find. You could spend days walking around neighborhoods and not see everything there is to see. This is one reason why I try to walk to as many places as I can, rather than just take the subway or bus.
p748.pngTompkins Square Park was having a reunion of sorts, so I walked over.
p747.pngThe Ramones get a lot of love in Manhattan and Queens (and rightfully so), but I was happy to see a piece for Joe Strummer. Music is such a big part of the history of New York, especially down in the Lower East Side.
p746.pngI had never been to Tompkins Square Park before either! A few months back, I listened to a podcast on the history of gentrification in New York City, and they included a part on the riots. I think Tompkins Square Park is what I originally pictured Washington Square Park to be – people of all cultures are here, and there were many different protest signs up everywhere. It seemed like a really cool spot to hang out and people watch.

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