Five Borough Bucket List
Hey, I’m alive! I’ve fallen off the radar, but I’m back to blogging. Be prepared for lots of posts, and not lots of bucket list things!
It’s been a while since I’ve been on a vacation, so I was looking forward to our trip down to Miami Beach. My best friend Kris won a trip through a radio station contest, and I was lucky to be picked as his guest. We headed to JFK to take our flight down!
After a hellacious Delta flight that included turbulence, no windows for us, and an emergency detour to West Palm Beach, we made it to Miami Beach. Our friend Ashley was a sweetheart and picked us up to the airport to take us to our hotel! The free trip included a stay at Eden Roc.
The view from the room and the beach was pretty amazing.
I always love to explore new cities through food. I hate taking vacations and eating at chain restaurants and fast food places, so I made sure we limited our trips to Starbucks (except for coffee) and other similar places. I found the 11th Street Diner on Yelp, and we headed over. 
The 11th Street Diner is an original art deco diner. It was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, so naturally I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.
Diners have a little bit of everything, so they’re my ideal places to go for food.
I had the cowboy burger (with cheese, bacon, and onion rings), Kris got the steak (with ketchup on his fries like a monster), and Ashley had the fish sandwich. We were all raving about the food. Thanks Guy Fieri!
After we ate, we walked around Ocean Drive to find a place to have drinks. There were so many places to choose from, and each had its own happy hour. We picked Fat Tuesday (a chain, I know, but we wanted somewhere a little more low key than all the clubs) for slushes. Since we’re ancient, we were back at the hotel before midnight. 
Eden Roc is on the beach, so I wanted to see if I could catch the sunrise one of the mornings we were there. I got up early the next day and crossed my fingers that the weather would hold up for me.
It took some patience, but I got my view!
Coffee on the balcony!
I was still in the heart of marathon training, so I made sure to hit the gym. The gym had a beautiful beach view for a little extra motivation. 
One really cool thing at Eden Roc is the free cruiser bike rentals. Kris and I each grabbed a bike, and the concierge recommended a few places for us to heck out on our ride.
We headed out for the South Pointe Park Pier and stopped a few times to see some of the different places in town. 
It was super hot and humid out, so after our ride we were hungry and thirsty. We were right near Ocean Drive, so we went back to the 11th Street Diner for lunch. 
I had the roasted turkey sandwich. Another awesome meal – I definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re in Miami Beach!
For our second night, I turned to the power of the internet to find a good spot for drinks. I landed on The Abbey Brewing Co, and Kris and I headed over to the area. We found a sandwich place (Halves & Wholes) right nearby and checked it out for dinner. 
I had the roasted turkey grilled cheese: brie, provolone, green apple, mango chutney, and roasted turkey. It was pretty perfect!
The Abbey Brewing Co is a great local brewery that a few blocks from the craziness of Ocean Drive. Ashley joined us for some drinks…and again we were back at the hotel before midnight. Does reaching your late 20s mean you can’t hang anymore? I think so…
Saturday was our last full day, so I started it off getting some extra color. When in Miami, right?
We found Free Spirits, a little dive bar where we could watch some college football.
Also wings. Our bartender told us that we picked one of the slowest (and most humid…) parts of the year to visit town, which is why it was so quiet everywhere we went. I was okay with missing all the crowds – I’ve been to Mardi Gras, and I prefer a little less chaos on vacation.
Our last meal was at Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co. I loved their decor!
And the chairs.
We both had the mussels, which were great. I loved how we stuck to the plan of avoiding big chain places while we were in town, and we still had great food the entire trip. Sometimes you can ​trust the Yelp reviews!
Sunday was our day to fly home. Hotel checkout was noon, but since our flight wasn’t until 3:30, we settled in at one of the airport bars for food and drinks. 
Food = these sorry little shrimp.
Fortunately, we were in window seats for this flight. I had this great view until we got above the clouds and were tread to one of the rockiest flights of my life. 
Flight issues aside, the trip was great! Eden Roc is a beautiful resort, even if they have questionable lobby art…

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