Five Borough Bucket List

New York is famous for having a huge variety of foods and all, but it’s known for its pizza. When you love a good slice (I mean, who doesn’t?), you can find a spot on every single corner. But there’s a few spots that really stand out for being “the best.” One of those spots is Prince Street Pizza.
I kept seeing pictures of Prince Street’s famous spicy Sicilian (dubbed the Spicy Spring) on my Instagram feed, all under those foodie accounts and on must-have lists. That perfect New York square, covered in so many small pepperonis that you can hardly see the sauce and cheese underneath.
Prince Street Pizza opened back in January of 2012, replacing the original Ray’s Pizza at 27 Prince Street down in Soho. It hasn’t been around for that long, but it already has a reputation for being one of the city’s best.
The menu includes everything you’d expect to find at a pizzeria, including round and square pies, plus calzones and some other appetizers. They’re open 7 days a week, and are a really big hit with the late-night crowd since they’re open until 4:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.
All I had ever heard about Prince Street Pizza was that the pizza was amazing and the line was intense. It took me a little longer to get there than I wanted it to, but that’s just because I have a really deep hatred of standing in line for things.
I finally made it over to Prince Street Pizza on one quiet Sunday. I’ve actually been back there another time since then, because I hoard photos on my phone and don’t write about them until months have passed. This means you get double the review, and double the gratuitous pizza photos.
The first thing I need to mention is the line. Unless you get here on some crazy empty day or you luck out at a really quiet time, be prepared to wait in line. But, it’s worth nothing that this place is very small, so the line is exactly what you see. Unlike places where you stand in line just to get into the restaurant to have to stand in another line, you’re at the counter pretty quickly here. I think the longest I waited was 10 minutes between my 2 visits, but it can get crazy busy so be prepared.
Prince Street is a pretty stereotypical New York City pizzeria when it comes to decor. While you wait in line you can check out photos of celebrities on the wall. Everyone comes here!
Ordering should be really quick for you. The guys behind the counter are really efficient, so do them a favor and make sure you know what you want before they get to you. Prince Street advertises that they take cards, but the first time I went the credit machine was down. Be prepared with some cash just in case.
Since Prince Street is a small place, you’ll most likely have to take your food to go. I got lucky during my first visit and was able to eat at the table alone the wall. On a nice day, you can just pop outside to have your food. It didn’t take too long for my slices to come out once I ordered.
So, is Prince Street Pizza really that good? I know I like to rave about the quality of things I post about here, but I’ll be 100% honest and say that of the 3 slices I’ve tried (Spicy Spring, Mercer Margherita, and Original Prince), only the Spicy Spring is really worth it. These can be pricey slices (the opposite of my 99 cent pizza journey), and if I’m spending close to $10 for 2 slices and a soda, I better be wowed. There wasn’t anything wrong with the other 2, but they were really underwhelming for a place with such a crazy reputation.
That being said, the Spicy Spring was incredible. It’s a greasy and filling mess that left me feeling so guilty and in need of a nap, but it was everthing I dreamed it could be. The crust is crispy, and you can still taste the sauce and cheese even though the slice is covered in pepperoni. I actually only went back for a second visit because I wanted another round of it (and now that I see these pictures…I want another), and I 100% didn’t regret that decision.
Toss Prince Street Pizza on your bucket list (for the Spicy Spring) and treat yourself to one of New York City’s best slices of pizza. It’s well worth the trip, cost, and calories.

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